Recent years have been crucial years for the technical engineering and service company of Hamgaman Mes in explaining the future strategies and goals of this company. Our effort to advance the current affairs of the company was the macro policy of Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company is integrate activities.

Some subsidiaries had reached a high of different activites in the three fields of engineering, welfare service and green space that In defining policies and working methods,we could explain the company's strategy.

This important goal has been achieved today that The engineering And Services company of Hmgaman Mes is moving in a clear direction to gradually expand the scope of its activities and increase technical capacity, localization of up-to-date knowledge in related activities and by developing a fleet of industrial machinery to increase its capacity will become to one of the powerful companies in the region and the country.

Undoubtedly, achieving the goals and aspirations of the company is not possible without the help of senior managers of Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company, board and managers of Hamgaman Mes Company and all hardworking and capable personnel of this company.

Even now, relying on God Almighty and with the support of manpower, which is the main asset of the company , with more power and motivation than before in we try advancing the affairs and goals of company to witness the prosperity and progress of our beloved country more than before.